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Why choose us

China smart

DUJUAN100 focused on Windows and doors for many years, has the first-class research and development design team, high precision production equipment, advanced management mode, the scale of production capacity.

Product advantage

We hire a world famous Windows designer for technology research and development, doors and Windows system technology. Won several national patents. Explore the market for DUJUAN100 to lay a solid foundation.

Brand advantage

More than a brand product, unswervingly, stylized products, meet the personalized demand, four the integration of the supply mode, ensure rapid delivery of products, portable consumer experience + large database, mobile Internet, online orders.

Fast delivery

Matching production ability strong, its toughened glass factory, coating factory, factory industry supply chain, such as pull a turn is a nissan 8000 sets of doors and Windows of form a complete set of production capacity, high efficiency of shipment, date of delivery is faster than peers, 3 to 7 days ahead, help you seize market opportunities.

About us


About us

ABOUT DUJUAN100 Doing the global high-end building doors and Windows energy conservation and environmental protection brand! DUJUAN100 brand was established in 2014, the company headquarters is located in the capital, Beijing shunyi, committed to the doors and Windows, sun room custom core system. DUJUAN100 is Beijing DUJUAN100 intelligent doors and Windows technology co., LTD., brands, products cover system broken bridge aluminum alloy Windows and doors, aluminum wood doors and Windows, sun room three big system; Rd, design, manufacture, sales and service in the integration of large-scale mod...



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