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Wooden window

S70 wood aluminum Windows and doors

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  • Place of Origin: Beijing, China, and guangdong
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  • Data update time: 2020-02-09
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S70 wood aluminum Windows and doors parameters:

Thickness: 70 mm
Insulation coefficient: Uw acuities were 1.50 W/(K ㎡.)
Indoor surface wood: select A grade A in North America red oak forest substrate integrated timber and Russia larch (other customizable timber)
Outside surface of aluminum: Austria tiger powder coating
Sealing strip: coated type main fan seal top + EPDM formula classy article EPDM soft hard co-extrusion expansion strip under the influence of water
Glass: two bo single lumen, three two cavities full toughened glass and offline low-e glass with LOW radiation
Hardware: Germany ROTO, Germany SI, good bo
Paint: the import environmental protection water-based paint.
Pour inside window open means: inside, outside, hanging outside
Door open means:outside and inside, split, single open
Note: S70 less for the thickness of the wood, aluminum is broken bridge structure area with reference to article:
How to distinguish between aluminum BaoMu and wooden package
Natural landscape texture staggered, woodiness is hard and sedate, elegant and round edge, the perfect interpretation of the classic living space

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Outside the aluminum color swatches


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