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High-end doors and Windows with low-e glass has what good?

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1, what is a low-e glass?
Low-e glass is LOW radiation glass, it is on a glass surface coating, is the emissivity of E glass reduced from 0.84 to 0.15 below.
What are the characteristics of 2, low-e glass?
(1) high infrared reflectivity, can directly reflect infrared thermal radiation.
(2) the surface radiation rate low, the ability to absorb foreign energy is small, thus the heat energy to radiate less.
(3) shading coefficient of Sc is wide, according to the need to control the through the amount of solar energy, so as to adapt to the needs of different regions.
3, why low-e film can reflect heat?
Low-e film layer plated with silver, silver can be more than 98% of the far infrared radiation reflected out, thus directly reflect heat like a mirror reflects light. The shading coefficient of low-e Sc from 0.2 to 0.7, which can be according to the need to control into the interior of the sun's radiant energy directly
4, what are the main types of mature technology of coated glass?
There are two main types: coating, vacuum magnetron sputtering deposition (also known as offline coating).
On-line coated glass is made in float glass production line, the single, poor heat reflective glass varieties, low manufacturing cost. Its only advantage is that can be hot bending processing.
Offline coated glass varieties rich, excellent heat reflection performance, energy-saving features. The downside is not hot bending processing.
5, low-e glass can be used single chip?
Vacuum magnetron sputtering process of low-e glass can not be used single chip and can only be used synthetic hollow glass or laminated glass. But its radiation rate is far lower than the 0.15 E, can be as low as 0.01 below.
Online coating process of low-e glass can be used single chip, but its radiation rate E = 0.28, have not strictly low-e glass (scientifically the emissivity E object called a LOW radiation of 0.15 or less).
6, low-e glass in the summer and winter, respectively is how to work?
Winter, the indoor temperature higher than the outdoor, far infrared radiation mainly from indoor, low-e glass can be reflected back to nothing more than to maintain the indoor heat diarrhea. On from the outside part of the solar radiation, low-e glass can still allow it to enter the room, this part of the energy absorbed by the indoor objects and then into a far infrared radiation and stay indoors.
Summer, the temperature is higher than indoor, outdoor infrared thermal radiation mainly comes from outside the city, low-e glass can be reflected go out to prevent heat into the interior. From outdoor solar radiation, can choose LOW shading coefficient of low-e glass to limit its enter indoor, reducing a fee (air conditioning).

In 7, low-e insulating glass filled argon function.
Argon gas is a kind of inert gas, its heat transfer than air is poor, so in filling the hollow glass can reduce the U value of insulating glass, insulating hollow glass of stays. Of low-e insulating glass, argon gas also plays a protective role of low-e coatings.
8, low-e glass can be much uv attenuation?
Compared with ordinary single piece of transparent glass, low-e glass can reduce 25% uv. Compared with a glass of hot reflex plated film, low-e glass can reduce 14% uv.
9 in hollow glass, low-e coatings which surface is the most appropriate?
Hollow glass has four surface, from the outside to the city several respectively 1 #, 2 #, 3 #, 4 # surface. Heating needs more than the demand of cold region (north), low-e coating should be on the surface # 3. On the other hand, the cooling demand more than heating demand region (south), low-e film surface layer should be located at # 2.
10 how sustainable, low-e coatings?
The duration of the coating layer, and the duration of the hollow glass sealed space layer is the same.
11, how to distinguish whether plating on hollow glass with low-e film?
According to the following steps to monitoring, judging:
A, four images rendered inside the watch glass (in other words, there are 4 won four flame image).
B, will match or light part in front of the window (no matter you in the city or outside), and if the low-e glass has a color image is different from the other three images, if the color of the four images can be set not same low-e glass.
12, if users need to do to maintain low-e glass products?
Don't need to! Because low-e film is sealed in the middle of the hollow glass or laminated glass, therefore, no maintenance, and only keep the glass clean.



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