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King kong gauze one window? What are the advantages?

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King kong gauze window which is suitable for assembly on the doors and Windows is new high-end, insect-resistant, anti-mosquito effect can also can have the effect of guard against theft, and do not affect beautiful. Mesh look fully without vertigo, indoor to outdoor look, like a layer of colored glass, outdoor to indoor watching is vague and indistinct trance. Diamond mesh hardness is good, because of the high strength so whether it is fixed on the wall might form, has a good enough to accept, not afraid of invasions. High quality of the mesh is processed by the electrophoresis paint, afraid of damp and fierce to bask in the sun or other bad situation of erosion. Because it is freely crisscross structure, and the wire diameter and only 0.8 mm, not only can prevent mosquito in ventilated breathe freely, also strengthen security effect.

1, safety: reject unsafe factors, to prevent damage or rats, snakes, flies, mosquitoes and other animals.
2, to prevent falling objects: not because open doors, Windows, and make the old man or children playing in the bedroom was in a state of insecurity.
3, contact is connected fully, no blocking, no shade, no depression, indoor keep bright and natural.
4, easy open easy to escape: instead of the traditional fixed fence, the crisis such as fire family quickly fled the scene.
5, save electricity saving energy: don't cause air blocking, indoor wind lifted at any time, reduce unnecessary operation.
6, easy to care: dust and oil cleaning easy, use a vacuum cleaner, water absorbing sponge or ordinary brush with a little care, if brightness is new.
7, resist ultraviolet ray, can withstand up to 30% of the ultraviolet ray, let you enjoy the sunshine at the same time, can also avoid the ultraviolet radiation damage to the skin.
8, low carbon environmental protection: completely using environmental protection material, no pollution.
9, applicable widely: suitable for high-end house and villas.
10, humanized design: door to protect horn design, reduce the sharp Windows ram for the elderly and children
Broken bridge wire netting kong network anti-theft window screens integrated with existing Windows organic composite as a body, has high strength, simple powerful, shearing resistance, impact resistance and other excellent performance, the real performance of guard against theft, insect-resistant, ventilation, beautiful, safe, etc.
Transformers anti-theft window screen net advantage is: the function is very strong, is imported stainless steel wire mesh, high hardness and strength are compared, safe protective effect is compared obviously, can effectively avoid the risk of falling. High quality alloy steel window screen is full after electrophoresis paint treatment, does not fear the moist environment, corrosion of fierce to bask in the sun or bad environment.
King kong is made up of fine woven wire screen window, the weaving technology is very close, after we take a small piece of king kong web will be able to see it spread is average, and braided each point is very small, each grid is average size. King kong yarn to install Windows, its texture is very rigid, with a few decades all not afraid there is a problem, and density is very close, have no access to small mosquito.
Kong screen window of disadvantages: expensive, elastic performance is poor, the diameter is not big enough, a small rebound. Take up the space is big, not suitable for outdoor activities. The device will damage form, to unpick and wash.
King kong mesh screen window is has many advantages, once entered innumberable families, kong the defect of the screen is also cannot be ignored. Actually summer outfit kong yarn or compare with good, if true is very hot, can open window leak, but now the home have air conditioning, heat can open air conditioning, this problem is not very big.
Super power resistance to impact, security, against mosquito. High temperature resistant, flame retardant, high strength, toughness, and the surface colour and lustre is bright beautiful, can be better to increase air circulation rate and the light of the sun. Security the mosquito net, made of stainless steel wire woven, surface through pensu processing, color (black, grey and other colors).



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