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Introduction to Windows and doors hardware's relationship wi

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Building doors and Windows in our country has a long history, in some of the excavated in the shang dynasty bronze version can be seen on door. It is used for the gates or palaces, temples, residential door, generally is two. Developed by the door window mullion in han have appeared, cannot open Windows are fixed, so the function and the doors and Windows types are limited. At that time, the activities of the doors and Windows use wooden shaft parts, such as saying goes: on (du) - often the door of the rotating shaft will not be bug eat by moth, also didn't use metal parts.
During the Ming and qing dynasties, the window on the type and appearance have very big development, the switch window is growing, metal hinges started application on the doors and Windows. Modern building Windows and doors from the early twentieth century steel doors and Windows in China was introduced into China, by the start of the steel doors and Windows to seven, aluminum alloy doors and Windows in the eighty s, plastic doors and Windows in the ninety s, to the present situation.
Hardware is generated after the doors and Windows at a certain stage of development and the realization of the function of modern building doors and Windows need hardware to support. Modern Windows function more and more, need material also more and more. Basic material, sealing strip, with the material of glass, heat insulation, hold hands and open system, etc., they form the doors and Windows system.
How to improve the energy saving effect of the doors and Windows
To adjust measures to local conditions. Should be used according to the construction of the regional, doors and Windows function factors such as comprehensive consideration of different applications of doors and Windows. For example: the north USES heat preservation performance is good doors and Windows; Southern region should adopt sunshade, doors and Windows with better waterproof properties. Such as: interior partition doors again asked the operation is simple, convenient, the door opening and closing as less occupied indoor space; Toilet is mainly transom, with the line of sight and ventilation function. Different regions is different to the requirement of door and window function. Need insulation throughout the south, the north is generally need to heat preservation, and the south wind and rain, also need doors and Windows of the waterproof performance is good.
First of all doors and Windows to save energy to improve the quality of doors and Windows itself. To improve the door window is energy-saving design index, strengthen the doors and Windows material heat preservation, heat insulation performance; To improve the structure of the doors and Windows (double, laminated glass, internal and external shading systems); From the structure of the Windows and doors design, production and installation to improve its air tight performance.
The core of which is to improve the sealing performance of doors and Windows, improve the sealing performance depends on sealing strip, the window frame and window sash sealing strip compression to achieve sealing effect, and the pressure is implement by hardware. Lock and lock block combination can improve the sealing performance of doors and Windows. Door lock the more points the better sealing, of course, the premise is material quality is higher than other doors, Windows, in the case of the same quality, multi-point lock is superior to single point of the lock.
Doors and Windows design can't consider material, but also considering the profile of the elastic deformation and sealing strip, the single point to lock the doors and Windows just have a lock on the side of the seal performance is improved, while the other side there is no way to achieve the best sealing effect. So say good material can not achieve good sealing effect, must cooperate with the high quality hardware to use.
Doors and Windows hardware standards
Now China construction metal structure association committee for building doors and Windows fittings and plan unified push-pull window of some of the standard, because too much, in the form of push-pull window standard not unified, so the demand is relatively simple, mainly track and height of cavity is a few.
The past is a single window, so bearing requirements is not high, hollow glass has been widely used now, must consider the orbit, hinge bearing. Orbit, hinge bearing increase, so does the window frame to redesign, must set aside more space, otherwise the door will not close on the problem.
Doors and Windows hardware in the choice of bearing parts design in addition to the bearing quality should meet the requirements, should also meet the requirements of the applicable door width and ratio of. In flat open the suspension and the ratio of high to width, of flat open casement, fan is not more than 130 kg, should be no greater than 1.1; Major in 130 kg, should be no greater than 1.08. Flat open door leaf width and height ratio should be no greater than 0.39.
Friction besides attention should be given to the width and height ratio of the casement, still need to pay attention to the specifications of the friction and form a complete set of casement specifications.
Doors and Windows exposed metal style consistency
Doors and Windows exposed metal style consistency is very important, especially the couplet window. For example, in the atmosphere, in order to reveal the door to door with a square handle; Installed on a circular arc form and holding hands, look delicate. If not contrast is good, both beautiful, but if when the doors and Windows in contrast, can appear very not harmonious.

In addition, when choosing hardware accessories don't puzzled by beautiful appearance, such as some Windows of hand looks glistening on the market, it is because of its raw material is bad, done polishing processing, high quality material of hand will not rust, also do not need to deal with, so it looks not so bright. Some pulley is colorful, it looks very beautiful, its reason is the same, because it is made from recycled materials, noise is inevitable, so make it colorful to cover up.
Doors and Windows hardware of life
Doors and Windows hardware standards is a requirement on use, rather than a fixed number of year. Many manufacturers will admit their products to the customer can use many years, there is a conversion relation, doors and Windows hardware general requirements in 15000 times, door hardware requirements in 100000 times, standard requirement by the window for three times a day, the door operation 10 times a day. So the scaling down the service life of products in 10 years. This will bring certain misleading to customers, think the product must be in ten years, but it has a great impact on the operating mode. Doors and Windows hardware when doing product testing can only through the number of tests, we can't produce the products use ten years to judge whether the products qualified.
With the requirements of national energy conservation policy, related to keep doors and Windows energy saving standard come on stage, energy-saving doors and Windows application is more and more widely, also more and more high-rise buildings. "The hardware is the heart of the doors and Windows" this sentence is a senior experts of the industry, and have been generally recognized by the industry. Hardware for doors and Windows core parts, bearing the weight of doors and Windows open at the same time, the performance of security about the safety of construction effect is in constant increase, so the rationality of the hardware quality and selection is more important.



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