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Common problems

Q:And other companies of similar products in the quality of your doors and Windows have what different?

A:We DUJUAN100 product quality no matter from the appearance of design or inner material quality, after cengcengbaguan strict control. If the window sash, same price on the market of aluminum bag wooden window is wooden window, 83 mm is the thickness of our window frame, wood thickness is 68 mm, and some on the market only 56 mm, 65 mm in thickness. And we import A grade material, logs are all conform to the standard of environmental protection of European E1 class, some low price products on the market can not guarantee the quality of material.
Our wood surface adopt imported water-based paint coating, the coating should be first before by repeated polishing by hand, then soak, paint a primer on both sides, twice, in strict accordance with the European standard production, refined some manufacturer on only one or two times paint on the market, obviously the quality and effectiveness of the appearance of the two kinds of production methods are not the same. And seems to be the same as the doors and Windows, we used the thickness of the aluminum is not less than 1.5 mm but some manufacturer to reach the strength requirement on the market, so the quality of the product should be from the appearance of the composite form and internal two aspects to the quality of identification and evaluation.

Q:Why BaoMu aluminum doors and Windows energy saving your production?

A:The window is energy saving, depends mainly on two aspects:
First: the window frame and window sash frame (hereinafter referred to as the box body) material is made of what material, whether heat insulation heat preservation;
The second: whether the hollow glass glass; Aluminum Windows BaoMu chooses wood which is near the arctic northern Korean pine and northeast forest larch, obvious low heat transfer coefficient of lumber, the Windows of the heat preservation and heat insulation effect significantly higher than other materials. After strict selection, as well as anti-corrosion, degreasing, flame retardant, such as processing, and adopted the German high strength adhesive glue, make the strength of the main timber, to guarantee the corrosion resistance, weather resistance, can be durable. The Windows are used the three layers of sealing structure, epdm seal strip on the car to use on the Windows, so the heat insulation, heat preservation effect is more prominent. The most obvious feature of the aluminium wood Windows is thermal insulation, energy saving, wind resistance. It is outside of the solid wood and package with a layer of aluminum alloy, make the window of the sealing, reduce indoor air conditioning is lost; Will not freeze in winter, condensation, and can be very effective partition off the noise outside.

Q:My home is a high-level, why can't Windows open means using flat outside the window?

A:High-rise building outside the window open means cannot use casement Windows, is to consider safety first, safety first.
Currently in high-rise building is the most common window open means of casement Windows or push-pull window, casement Windows than push-pull window air tightness and water tightness is much better, sound insulation or a lot. High-rise building Windows installation is prohibited outside window open to the outside is the rules and regulations of the national standard, because, outside the window a lot of problems, every season of the wind, high-rise building Windows blown away by a great wind break event is common, especially in the river of tall buildings, the wind is bigger, the quality again good window also hard to avoid improper use or negligence, the inconvenience to the life of resident not only, is also a direct threat to people's life safety a major hidden danger.
In addition to the safety factor is one of the biggest hidden danger, outside the window there are inconvenience, when outside the window open, some do not open, on the building facade appear messy, destroy the integral feeling of the buildings; The storm or sunshine outside the window open, outward casement, easy fade corrosion and damage; Wave window dangling outside the wall, window, glass is not very convenient, also easy to make people dizzy, produce risk. And within a window shows great superiority in this respect, decides to a certain extent, it will gradually become dominant type window, a large number of buildings within the window has been adopted abroad at present, has its inevitable reason.



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