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Brand story

The continuation of DUJUAN100, European art style. After years of development, manifests the rational design of nationalization and the milk of human kindness, pay more attention to the basic elements of the building, details and materials; There is a strong hand in the door art and the humanities spirit, doors and Windows, construction, environment be in harmony are an organic whole, and all this, gradually formed a "DUJUAN100" brand style.

DUJUAN100, technology innovation, superior service. The design of the 21st century, "DUJUAN100", contracted, natural, an art fashions; Meet the needs of The Times, all show period flavor. Its elegant line, do not break and generous. Quality, is in the details; Multi-level implementation of ISO international quality standards, CCC, CE certification system strict management.

DUJUAN100, innovation and excellence. Today, DUJUAN100 actively introducing foreign outstanding design principle, technology, and is dedicated to the broad masses of users to develop green, environmental protection, fashion, diversity and individuality of the aluminum alloy doors and Windows. Art with unique view and fashion of green, environmental protection, fashion, diversity, personality traits.



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