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Aluminium window

DF70 archaize of broken bridge aluminum alloy Windows and do

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DF70 archaize parameters of broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows:

Thickness: 70 mm
Insulation coefficient: Uw acuities were 2.40 W/(K ㎡.)
Article structure: the broken bridge aluminum profile (PA66 nylon insulation)
Decorative crosser: aluminum tube welding window frame
Decorative crosser: aluminum tube welding window frame
Pour inside window open means: flat open
Door open means:outside and inside, split, single open
Remark: this type of screen window for external, king kong integrated network of archaize series for the 108 series
Use opportunely art decoration, light life, despite the current household style, but full of individual character color adornment forever at the forefront of fashion, style of new Chinese style is contemporary household ideal choice.
Optional color: grey, deep coffee color or custom color


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