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Aluminium window

DC108 Munich broken bridge aluminum alloy wire netting

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DC108 Munich broken bridge aluminum alloy window screening doors and Windows parameters

Model: the broken bridge aluminum alloy 108 series (108 mm)
Outside the spot inventory color: coffee, sand dust, metal gray, color: within calx, fluorocarbon dazzle gold, fluorocarbon khaki brown, northeast China ash, oak, red acid grafting, skin teak
Open means: flat open
1. The yarn door, glass door and window frame use flat box design.
2. The outer frame, carry penal column used in the design, configuration of arc line pressing.
3. The drainage system USES hidden drainage design.
4. Accessories rabbet oubiao rabbet and K slot size, accessories can be used at home and abroad.
5. Bo can choose to take line pressing bo fan, glass configuration 20 a + 5 + 5 configurable Venetian glass.
6. The production process by injecting Angle code process.

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