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Aluminium window

Wooden curtain wall (BaoMu aluminum curtain wall)

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  • Data update time: 2020-02-14
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Wooden line for building Windows and doors is full of artistic creativity. Comfortable wooden neri, tough rigid aluminum alloy outer wall. The beam column connection way, let the curtain wall is more open and bright. More diverse artistic effect, the system has the design of the space, can be fully used in curtain wall, sun room and glass roof.

Super ultra wide to design infinite freedom

Wood is helpful to create a warm, healthy environmental protection atmosphere that occupy the home, choose wood means ecological and comfortable.

Wind resistance (Pa) 8 GB
Air permeability (㎡ / m.h) 8 GB
Rain water permeability (Pa) GB level 7
Air sound insulation performance (dB) GB level 6
Insulation performance (W / ㎡. K) 8 GB


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